Ganesha Molding

Satya Palani, a member of the Golden Gate Mission of Northern California has been involved in making clay Murthis of Ganesha for Visarjana for over twenty years. Today, Kartikeya Katir expands the production of clay Ganesha murtis and continues the tradition begun by Satya Palani.

The process begins with a hand carved stone deity that is framed and used to shape the face and back of a two-piece mold.  Through the bonding of water and specialized absorbent casting powder, the mold is shaped.

A biodegradable casting slip is then poured into the molds once they are prepped that absorb the moisture out of the casting clay slip. This process is accelerated by the sun at a consistent rate so that the clay does not become “fired” and prevented from breaking down when the time for immersion comes at Visarjana.  

The molds are emptied after a brief dry period to hollow the clay Murthi inside and prevent it from cracking.  The molds are then set out to sun-dry until the Murthis are ready to be released. Each deity is then hand crafted to shape the edges and remove the ridge along the side. We package each one after they are inspected and once shipped they are ready to be painted by you.